Professional Land Surveyors
Association of New Jersey

P.O. Box 10243, Trenton, NJ 08650

Contact PLSANJ

We are always glad to hear from you. E–mail general questions or comments to us at

To join PLSANJ, please join NJSPLS and request PLSANJ as your local chapter. Those who do not make this request may find themselves assigned to another chapter of NJSPLS. If you join NJSPLS through the on–line application process, please follow up with an e–mail with your request to be assigned to PLSANJ.

PLSANJ has created an interactive online forum on Yahoo! Groups. The forum is part of the PLSANJ web presence, and is intended to complement this website with interactive content. PLSANJ members can post messages, files and photos; create and maintain an online calendar of events, use chat rooms, and more. Free registration is required.

Click to join the PLSANJ group without leaving this website.

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