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Fred's Corner

On this page, chapter member Fred Czepiga of the NJ Geodetic Survey updates us on the latest geodetic and control information from NJ DOT and other sources across the state.

  1. As of 2/27/08, New Jersey has a total of 10 “certified” CORS stations that are part of the National CORS network. There are also five stations installed by Leica in the last year waiting to be certified. They are located in Cumberland County (NJBR), Hunterdon County (NJHC), Warren County (NJWC), Sussex County (NJSC) and Monmouth County (NJNT). Another station waiting to be certified is located at Stockton State College (NJST) in Atlantic County. This station has been active for several years. Lastly, NJDOT is in the process of getting another CORS station installed at the Red Lion Maintenance Facility (NJRL) on NJ Route 70 in Burlington County.

  2. The New Jersey Geodetic Survey submitted to NGS on January 22, 2008 the results of a level project (L2689–-Leveling to Various New Jersey Cooperative Base Stations). This project established NAVD88 orthometric heights on 12 B–Order stations in the New Jersey Cooperative Base Network (NJCBN). In addition, a total of 121 new benchmarks were added to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).

  3. The National Readjustment of all GPS survey control in the United States has been completed by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). The rollout date of February 11, 2007, coincided with the 200th anniversary of the founding of the “Coast Survey” to add to the significance of this historical undertaking.

  4. In September 2007, the NJDOT took possession of six CDMA modems to be used in conjunction with the National CORS network in New Jersey. These devices permit the DOT survey crews to perform Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying anywhere in the State. The New Jersey Geodetic Survey is currently utilizing them on the mapping of several large in-house design projects.

  5. At the beginning of June 2007, the New Jersey Geodetic Survey moved from its “old” location within the former Thiokol Complex to its “new” home at the location of the “former” DOT tot day care center. This building is located within the DOT complex in Ewing Township on Lower Ferry Road, adjacent to the access drive leading to the Homesote Company.

  6. In October 2007, the New Jersey Geodetic Survey took sole possession of the “Disboro Cones” from the State Museum. These had been on loan from the Federal Government to the State of New Jersey since their recovery in October 1982. Many thanks go to Gregory Lattanzi, Registrar of Archeology/Ethnology for his gracious help in the transfer process. They had been on display at SURVCON 2007.

  7. Frederick Czepiga, PLS (Chapter President), was named “Surveyor of the Year 2007” at the annual conference in February 2007 for his work on the establishment of new calibration baselines in New Jersey.

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