Professional Land Surveyors
Association of New Jersey

P.O. Box 10243, Trenton, NJ 08650

PLSANJ Members

We are pleased to present a list of our chapter's members. For contact information, please refer to the NJSPLS printed Membership Roster. Mebers are listed alphabetically, last name first.

    Angeline, Michael (Full member)

    Aston, Mark (Full member)

    Baill, Kenneth (Full member)

    Benn, Nelson (Full member)

    Brennfleck, Conrad (Retired member)

    Czepiga, Fred (Full member)

    Doolittle, William (Full member)

    Doran, Daniel (Full member)

    Dyal, Peter (Associate member)

    Falcone, Frank (Full member)

    Fitzgibbon, John (Associate member)

    Fletcher, Robert (Associate member)

    Gresavage, Jr., James (Full member)

    Gruninger, Peter (Full member)

    Grybowski, Zenon Thomas (Full member)

    Guzman, Victor (Associate member)

    Harris, Kevin (Full member)

    Harris, Jr., Thomas (Full member)

    Harris, Sr., Thomas (Full member)

    Kamp, Donald (Full member)

    Katz, Martin (Full member)

    Klapinski, Frank (Full member)

    Knauer, Kathryn (Associate member)

    Krueger III, Roland (Full member)

    Lane, Wesley (Full member)

    Lathrop, Wendy (Full member)

    Leslie, Robert (Full member)

    Lucchi, Americo (Full member)

    Lucchi, David (Full member)

    McCall, Dawn (Affiliated member)

    McDonald, Timothy (Full member)

    Meier, Linda (Full member)

    Mester, Joseph (Full member)

    Nix, Joseph (Full member)

    Olexa, George (Full member)

    Park, Charles (Associate member)

    Peters, Carl (Full member)

    Pivovarnick, Ted (Full member)

    Raffaele, Max (Full member)

    Raike, Kenneth (Full member)

    Relak, Jr., Andrew (Full member)

    Rife, Donald (Full member)

    Rigelon, Jr., Vincent (Full member)

    Riley, Karen Anne (Full member)

    Rimmer, Byron (Full member)

    Rossi, John (Full member)

    Schilling, Kenneth (Full member)

    Schindler, Bill (Affiliated member)

    Slowinski, Thomas (Full member)

    Smith, Dennis (Full member)

    Snyder, Robert (Full member)

    Steinbeis, Hans (Full member)

    Stratton, David (Full member)

    Suess, Robert (Full member)

    Wright, Joseph (Full member)

To join PLSANJ, please join NJSPLS and request PLSANJ as your local chapter. Those who do not make this request may find themselves assigned to another chapter of NJSPLS. If you join NJSPLS through the on–line application process, please follow up with an e–mail with your request to be assigned to PLSANJ.

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